Solar ceiling fan : introduction, advantages, from where to buy


In this urbanised world, with growing population and their increasing energy consumption there is a need to make energy conservation a “habit”. An old saying describes it this way- The earth, water, and the air are not a gift to us from our parents but a loan from our children. We use energy faster than it can be produced. So, using energy wisely and taking the time to just check little things will make a huge difference in energy conservation. People can start this in their own way and ease. Of all the methods of saving energy at their own levels, the best of all is using solar ceiling fans at home which is a must have in countries like India.


Solar fans are not only becoming cheaper but are also greenerand also the best solar- powered products that can be put into use in daily life to yield better results. The solar fans mostly do not require secondary power sources other than solar power, which is abundant in countries like India. But however the manufacturer also provide additional power options so that they can be smoothly used in case of emergencies like prolonged over cast climates.

The main advantages of having solar ceiling fans are:

  • Direct solar powered: It runs directly from the solar panel, and will run all day when the sun is shining. It works great during sunny days. But when there is no sun it can run from the mains power.
  • Nature – friendly: It is more eco-friendly and claims reduced, minimal, or no harm upon ecosystems or the environment. Their overuse can be referred as green washing.
  • Cheaper cost: Thoughinitially the installations may be costlier, in the long term it would turn out to be cheaper because it doesn’t use power from the utility grid.
  • Safe and secure: The use of solar fans is risk-free. It is trustworthy and not harmful to the human life. The chances of accidents are substantially reduced since there are no wires involved.
  • Better mobility: The use of cordless appliance offers much more mobility as compared to conventional fans.
  • Efficiency: It is the most efficient solar powered product as it works at less energy use and gives the same results as compared to typical ceiling fans. These are the super efficient fans.
  • Comfortable: Along with more compatibility it provides more comfort with excellent air delivery and no noise i.e. quiet and a significant power saver.
  • Long life: The solar ceiling fans have an advanced BLDC motor technology for long life and more running hours on battery/inverter. It has about 3 times up-time on inverter.


In India, the manufacturers directly sell their solar fans through their outlets or own sites. There are certain distributors who deal with all solar products like panels, lighting systems etc. who have also been keeping stocks of solar ceiling fans lately. One can also find solar ceiling fans from all the leading ecommerce sites. One can also get a quick comparison of the different products and their features and prices on these sites and can also grab great discounts on them. If you are planning to buy one for your home, you can check now, and choose the ideal solar ceiling fan as per your requirement.


With an impending energy crisis, solar fans provide a great relief to the users and the authorities as well. The extensive use of solar ceiling fans would definitely lower the energy consumption rate and would somewhat add up to avert the energy crisis in near future. These fans also have great durability and are definitely something worth an investment.