Special Features to look for in chainsaws

Special Features to look for in chainsaws

Electric chainsaws can be difficult to handle, but only if you choose one that doesn’t work well with you. Tons of chainsaws produced under different brand names are present in the market. However, there are certain features that make one chainsaw better than the other. It could largely depend on the use you have for your chainsaw, but there is a lot you can consider before making a choice

If you are on the lookout for a chainsaw, consider the following features to pick out the best electric chainsaw for you.

1- Size and Power-
Lookout for the size and bar length first, to determine the type of chainsaw you want. The bigger the size the greater the power as well. For cutting tough wood, use bigger chainsaws and for smaller trimming and pruning, use smaller chainsaws

2- Anti-vibration features
This feature makes the using of the saw more comfortable. In addition, it reduces fatigue and hand vibrations that result from constant saw use. It also gives a better grip while cutting.

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3- Automatic oilers
Oiling the chain is necessary for chainsaws. This increases the safety and efficiency of the saw. That is why if you have to buy look for Chainsaws with automatic oilers. They are a treat.

4- Chain brakes
Consider designs with chain brakes. These can be a great help if the saw were to face an unexpected interruption or impact. There are models with manual chain brakes as well. These can be very useful for safety.

5- Carrying case
having a storage case for your chainsaw is very important. The case protects it from the weather and allows safe transport and storage. In addition, it keeps the saw out of reach of children and pets.

6- Tool-less chain adjustment
This feature allows you to adjust the chain tension as and when required. If you do not require tools to make adjustments you can easily change the tension instead of having to draw out heavy tools to make these changes.

7- Battery or Cord size
You also need to consider the battery type, its power, and durability if you are choosing a cordless chainsaw. For corded chainsaws, consider the size of its cord and the size of the extension you will need to move it around your lawn

If you consider these added features, you can definitely buy the best electric chainsaw for your needs.