Staying Comfortable in Fall

Fall is coming, so the cool weather is just around the corner! Around here, staying comfortable in fall can be a challenge. Improving HVAC efficiency and ensuring that the furnace is working can help. If you’re a homeowner in Minnesota, Stay Comfy Minnesota can help you be comfortable as the weather cools down. These tips will help.

Weather Strip Your Home

Weather-stripping is a multi-step process that helps keep warm air inside and cool air outside. Older homes in particular need to be weather stripped, although all homes can use a little tightening when the cool weather sets in. Some common weather stripping tips include:

  • Install weather stripping around all exterior doors to seal the space between the door and the jamb.
  • Install a sweep at the bottom of all exterior doors to prevent cool air from coming in through the gap between the floor and the door.
  • Remove old cracked caulking around windows and replace with fresh caulking.
  • Some types of weather stripping will last for years, but low-quality stripping will only last one year. Know what type of weather stripping was installed in previous years, and if new stripping is needed, install it.

Program the Thermostat

Maintaining a comfortable temperature doesn’t have to involve running the heat all the time. Many homeowners raise the temperature while they’re active at home and then lower the temperature from midnight to 5AM, or during the day while everyone is at work and school. Doing this can help save money. Using a programmable thermostat is a small improvement with a big impact on energy efficiency and makes it easy to maintain a sensible heating schedule.

Test the Furnace Before Weather Turns Cool

Testing the furnace before the weather turns cool can help ensure that the furnace is working. To test the furnace, turn it on and run it for a few minutes. Test the air in the vents to ensure that the air is warm. Smell the air in the vents for unpleasant odors, and check each vent to ensure that air is coming through.

if the heating seems to be uneven through the rooms of the house, look for vents that may be blocked by furniture or rugs. If no cause can be determined for the problem, contact a reputable HVAC professional.

Get a Furnace Tune-Up

Older furnaces need annual tune-ups to help keep their parts working efficiently. Schedule your furnace’s tune-up early in the fall, before the heating season is in full swing.

When your HVAC professional comes to your home, he or she will check the mechanical parts of the furnace, including the wiring. Your HVAC professional will clean out any parts of the furnace that have gathered dust. Finally, the HVAC repair person will check the state of the ducts and the air blower to ensure that each part is working properly.

Know When To Replace the Furnace

Furnaces last about 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. Signs that your furnace needs to be replaced includes:

  • The furnace breaks down every year, or multiple times within the year.
  • The furnace is nearing 15 years of age.
  • The heating bills have been going up every year as the system loses efficiency, despite weather-stripping efforts.
  • The furnace makes a variety of noises it didn’t used to make.

Homeowners who are unsure whether or not their furnace needs to be replaced can work with a professional from Stay Comfy Heating & Air Conditioning. We can help homeowners decide when to replace their furnace with a new Carrier and smart programmable thermostat. To make an appointment for service, contact us today.