Steps in Remodelling Your Home for Your Expanding Family

As the married life goes on, your current home might be too crowded especially if your family is expanding and you might want to create more space to make it more comfortable. As the number of family member increases, in ways of having more children than anticipated or making room for your old parent to take care of them, you will probably need to renovate your current home to accommodate them all. There is also a possibility of having pets which also need their own space and living quarters.

It can be considered as a renovation work or addition by means of increasing features and area in the house. You have probably looked through the internet by using search related such as “home addition northern virginia” or “nearby contractor northern virginia” to look for a contract that specializes in renovation and expansion.

Assessment by the Professionals

If you have successfully found a credible contractor, they have probably sent their professional in your home. In which serves as consultants such as a civil engineer and an architect to help you plan out the expansion. They will probably request documents such as the construction plans of the existing houses and your preferences for the said expansion as the basis for the proposal.

As you talk to the professionals, you will probably realize that there is a lot of limitation to any possible horizontal and vertical expansion. It is to assure that the expansion won’t damage or burden the existing components such as the footings, beams, and columns. It is to protect the adequacy and safety of the current house during construction. Afterward, they will probably list down all the things you want to incorporate to create a term of reference for the cost and scope of work.

Design and Additional Features

You can decide whether to remodel the design of the current house and update it looks to blend with your planned home additions. In such, it is more feasible to update and add all the features you desire once so it will be more economical and to experience just one construction phase.

Multiple construction phases just to add features is quite expensive since most contractor will probably charge you with separate general costs such as mobilization and design fee. It is much more convenient to fit in all the features and renovations in one phase.

Proposal and Implementation

It probably will take at least one to two weeks before the contractor can provide the proposal which reflects the cost of the expansion and an estimated duration to finish it. If you approved it and paid the down payment, the construction will probably begin as soon as possible.

Since the existing structure is still in use, the contractor will provide a detailed plan of implementing the construction. They will probably provide segmental construction so only a certain space in the house is not accessible and still make the current house livable while the construction is on-going. It is important to be amendable to the schedule of the contractor to prevent delays and for the safety of the tenants. Expect that it will probably noisy during the day and quite messy.