Steps to Hire a Mover

Everyone is on the attempt to move. The only problem with that is to locate for a mover that would make their tasks easier. A lot of research is required to get the perfect mover into your sight. Here is a stepwise guide to starting with the process.

Get recommendations

The best way to get a mover is that to ask for recommendations. Ask your relatives, friends, colleagues, and local agents. Ask them after their services and the approximate cost of their services. Meet the local office in person and ask for the estimate. If you could not locate any local movers, search the net. There will be some mover only that you are not aware of it.


Verify the company deeply to avoid any frauds. Have a background checks on the recommendations you have. Check for the sites online or call the company office and ask for all the details. Screen out more than one company at a time to see for the best one among them.

Show then estimator

Bring the estimator home. Show him your closet, your furniture, tour attic. Show him everything that has to be moved and ask for the estimate. Make sure he makes desirable prices. On the day of the moving, if there is more stuff to be shifted then the estimated, he could charge you much more. Hence, make sure to make a list of everything and show him exactly everything that has to be shifted. Have knowledge about the reputation of the company and then proceed with the other tasks. Also, make it a point to let the estimator know about the conditions of your new home like a number of floors to your room, the stairs in the room and the availability of the elevators.

Also, make sure that they itself make the moving and do not shift the job to other movers.

Review the estimate

After you are done with the verbal estimation. Make the documentation. The document should have an order that would be signed by you and the estimator or representative of the company. They should also give an inventory list of all the items they are going to shift. If you are moving within the state then the estimate should include details about the number of items you would be moving, the distance of your new home, the date and time when the things would be picked and then delivered to the destination. If there is something missing in the estimation or you do not understand then call the office and ask. The better you understand the estimate the more you’ll save yourself from being fooled.


These basic things would help you to book your mover effectively. Make sure you make a background check on the company not all company is as genuine as umzug zurich.