The best Coffee cup lid distributor

The best Coffee cup lid distributor

Coffee houses across the world gave been facing problems with “on the go” coffee packaging. Most of the Coffee cups available today have various problems – from the lid not fitting properly to spills and others. Another common concern of the coffee houses is their customers complain that their coffee tastes different in-house and while on the go. has good news for all such coffee houses plagued by problems related to on-the-go coffee orders.

This firm, having experienced the lack luster taste of on-the-go coffee, racked up its brain to come up with possible solutions to this problem and thus was born Foam aroma, an ingenious coffee lid that aims to eliminate all the above problems and give coffee drinkers the same experience they get while drinking coffee in-house.


Some noteworthy features about this lid are as follows:

  1. Since one of the major complains of take away coffee drinkers was that they miss the tantalizing aroma of their drink, the makers came up with an ingenious hole in the lid. This hole, positioned at the centre of the lid, helps drinkers sniff their coffee and engage their senses with every sip.
  2. Another complaint of on-the-go coffee drinkers is that they miss the foam that they get while drinking coffee at the coffee house. Thus, the makers designed a drinking hole that addresses this problem. The drinking hole is on an angled surface and is triangular in shape. This particular shape allows the cup to have access to foam at all angles and thus dispenses just the right amount of foam – neither too much nor too little. In fact, the drink to foam ratio of Foam aroma is perfect, not just for taste but also temperature wise and thus enables drinkers to get the perfect sip.
  3. is also eco friendly as it is made from premium grade polystyrene and has 30% less material by weight than the characteristic lid. If you are concerned about the environment, then this lid is perfect for you too since it is reusable.
  4. This lid is also designed to help prevent spillage. Their unique design helps the spilled liquid go inside the cup through the hole used for smelling.

Reasonably priced and available in three colors – black, white and green, this lid is going to be the next game changer in the world of “on-the-go” coffee. Ask for a sample and we are sure you would be ordering in bulk from here after that!