The Difference between a Patio and a Porch, Explained

For those who are unaware, or unfamiliar with the English language, the main differences between a patio and a porch are the parts of a home in which they happen to be built, their elevation, and which materials are utilised in their construction. They are commonly designed for almost similar purposes, and both can be roughly about the same size and shape. Traditionally, they are supposed to be placed atthe front and rear of a home, but this is not always the case.

One of the basic differences between a patio and a porch is the porch is normally placed at the front of the home and is connected to the front door. The patio is commonly found at the back of a home and connected (but not always) to the back door, depending on the home’s design. Occasionally a patio might be found placed closer to the side of the house, while others may not be attached to the home at all. In the case of a porch, anybody who is seeking professional windows installation in Pinner, should check out.

Origins of the Words – Patio and Porch

The difference is also quite apparent in the names given for each place. The word Patio means “backyard” in Spanish, while porch comes from the Greek word meaning “entrance.” And even though these are the classical meanings, there are some people who may wish to build a patio-like platform some place other than the backs of their homes and a porch some place other than the front. Some homeowners have porches constructed that actually stretch from the front door all the way around the home on one or both sides.

Another big difference between the two is that a patio is normally built at ground level from bricks, concrete slabs, or tiles. Whereas a porch, on the other hand, is oftenbuiltwith concrete or wood and is usually level with the front of the house. This can mean that it sits at ground level,even though there are some homes where they may actually be elevatedso as to create some curb appeal. Porches are also usually utilised for reasons of sitting or a gathering, while patios are usually larger and can accommodate an outdoor dining table or sitting area for reasons such as eating under the stars, such as barbecues.

Coverings Make another Difference

Yet, another difference between a patio and a porch is that porches are practically always covered with a roof and patios usually are not. Occasionally,you might see a covered porch that has been placed at the back of a house, and with a patio in addition. Porches can also be totally covered with windows and/or screening so that they closely resemble an extra room of a home.

Patios and porches seem to be getting more and more popular, just make sure that the porch has great windows fitted for those cold winter months.