The Essentials of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is an essential part of the house. There are different types of windows with each having its own pattern of cleaning and maintenance. The different types of windows include glass window, vinyl window and so on. The pattern for cleaning a glass window is different from the pattern of cleaning a vinyl window or a tinted window.  Window cleaning is one aspect of house chores that should be given keen attention. Each household choose a time convenient for them to do their window cleaning. Since the pattern of cleaning the various types of window varies, it is essential to know the methods that best works for each.

Glass window cleaning requires proper care since the materials are very delicate. You can find them in most buildings as well as cars. Their delicate nature requires that you apply caution while cleaning. Rough cleaning and handling will put scratches and unwanted marks on them. In order to avoid damages, you need to clean them gently with soft materials. You can either use a homemade cleaning products or commercial cleaning agents to thoroughly clean your window and give it that sparkling look. Moreover, you can make your own window cleaning solution. The requirements for a homemade cleaning agent are vinegar, mild soap, alcohol, ammonia and water. Likewise, you can also use a solution made of corn starch, ammonia, and water. Apply the solution and use a soft cloth or sponge to scrub gently.

Vinyl window cleaning is also easy and they are extremely convenient for modern houses. If you are fortunate to have a vinyl window in your apartment, you also need to be very careful while cleaning it. Vinyl glasses are easily replaceable and it can be taken out completely while cleaning. However, the cleaning process is more complicated than glass windows. If you are not careful you will put scratch on them. In contrast to glass windows, vinyl windows are less scratch resistance. To make it easier and safer to clean, get a specialized window cleaner. You can also do a homemade cleaning agent for your vinyl window. The requirements for making a vinyl window cleaner are oil soap, vinegar, dish soap or detergent. This solution is very effective in cleaning your vinyl window because this solution removes all the water spots that often form on your windows. Apply the solution on it and gently scrub with a soft clean material.

Tinted window cleaning usually require special care and attention. This is necessary in order to retain the tint of the glass. Like the other type of windows, tinted windows requires the use of mild materials when cleaning. Any solution containing ammonia should be avoided. Ammonia or ammonia included soaps are too strong for it. It can destroy the tint. Only mild soap and water should be used when cleaning your tinted window.

As stated above, window cleaning requires mild treatment and care. There are instructions that should be followed. If you are finding any difficulty in cleaning your window then you can hire the services of a professional to help you.