The Pros and Cons of Water Heater Rental Services

Renting a water heater comes as a quick fix solution for having hot showers in your home. As opposed to purchasing a new water heater, renting one comes with a contract that requires you to pay a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis. If you do not have an upfront amount to buy a new water heater for your home, renting one can be the best option for you. In this article therefore, we are going to look at the pros and cons of renting a water heater.


  • Lower upfront fees. Purchasing a new water heater can cost you u to $1500. In addition, you will need to pay for an installation service. However, the costs for hiring a water heater are much less than this and will not cost you a fortune.  Therefore, you will make a lot of cost saving in the short term and still be able to enjoy the services of a water heater.
  • Affordable for a cash-strapped person. Another important advantage of renting a water heater is that a cash strapped person can be able to afford the monthly payment of about $30. This is easier when compared to spending about $2000 on both the purchase and installation of a new water heater in your home. This way, even students can be able to enjoy these appliances at their apartments at reduces costs.
  • No maintenance costs. Another good thing with renting water heaters is that you do not have to pay for repairs yourself. If your water heater develops issues, you just call the company and they will send personnel to work on it without any additional costs at all. This will save you constant troubles of worrying about water heater repairs.

  • You can buy the water heater at the end. If your financial situation becomes better, you can opt to purchase the installed new water heater at a lower cost than buying a new water heater. There are companies that offer rent-to-own programs that allow people with rented water heaters to own them by paying an upfront amount of mount of money.


  • Water heater rental services will have you paying for an older water heater while at the same time covering the long term fees of maintaining the heater.  On the other hand, buying a water heater can enable your to go for a newer water heater model that is energy efficient. This can provide you with more benefits in the long term especially considering that a newer model will cut down on your electricity bills.
  • The longer you rent a water heater the more expensive it gets. One of the things that you need to know about water heater rental service is that, the longer you keep hiring this service, the more expensive it becomes for you. This can cost you more money than buying the water heater upfront.
  • Coming out of the water heater rental contract can be very tricky. Therefore, it is important to read contract terms well right before signing the deal.