The Romantic Master Bedroom: Simple Tips That Bring Romance to Bedroom Décor

Many homeowners spend their time and hard-earned money decorating those rooms that guests see on a regular basis – the kitchen, guest bath and living spaces. The master suite sometimes becomes lost in the shuffle, and homeowners forget they need to pamper themselves, as well. Making a few minor adjustments to the bedroom décor can create a love nest for the masters of the home.

Creating a Romantic Bed

As it is in any bedroom, the bed is the focal point of the space. Homeowners need to carefully consider their bedding choices, so they select pieces that are most conducive to romance. Colors such as soft blues, greens, lavenders and neutral grays or beige will create the most relaxing ambiance in the room. For a little excitement, the couple could opt instead to decorate with pops of hot, spicy colors such as cinnamon, tomato red or rich gold. The credit goes to Belongil Beach House that know very well about the color scheming and room decoration.

Aside from selecting the bedding colors, choosing pieces in soft, sensual textures is a sure way to romance. Sheets in natural fibers, such as cotton or bamboo, will be the most comfortable for sleeping. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheets, so investing in a sheet with a thread count of at least 400 threads per inch will offer the best feel next to the skin.A fluffy, luxurious down comforter creates a feeling of extravagance and escape. Homeowners looking for that extra touch of sumptuousness should consider a duvet (comforter) cover in satin, velvet or other tactile fabric. The smooth, sensual texture of the fabric will put anyone in the mood for love.Adding a few rich decorative throw pillows brings dimension to the bed, as well as a mix of colors and textures. Animal prints, faux furs, tassels and beaded trims add a sense of luxury to the bed. A soft throw, downy bed pillows and a bed skirt will finish the look.

Bedroom Lighting

Most bedrooms come equipped with horrendous lighting; an overhead light in the center of the room is flattering to no one. In a master suite, the dimmer switch becomes the homeowners’ best friend. Installing a dimmer on that overhead light will allow them to adjust the lighting for a better mood.

Candles are a must for any romantic bedroom. The soft glow of a warm candle is flattering to the skin, and instantly creates a romantic mood. Aside from their lovely light, candles can also offer a soft scent, to further enhance the ambience of the space. The scents of ylangylang and cinnamon, among others, are thought to boost a romantic mood.

More Romance Tips

For no financial investment, homeowners can make a few minor changes to their master bedroom that can have a huge impact on the mood of the space. All clutter should be removed from the bedroom. Bedrooms seem to become a catch-all for those items that do not have a home of their own. By clearing out the piles of laundry and stacks of magazines waiting to be read, a couple will open the door to a more peaceful room.

Having a television in the master bedroom is not conducive to love. Instead of romance, the occupants of the room tend to focus on what is happening on the late night talk shows. Removing the television is a simple way for homeowners to return the spotlight to each other. If removal is not an option, placing the TV in a cabinet with doors is another good option; this will allow it to be hidden away for times when television viewing is not on the agenda.

Shutting out the world beyond the walls of the bedroom is easier when it cannot be heard. Utilizing the sounds of soft music in the bedroom will only add to the atmosphere, creating the perfect ambiance for an evening of romance.

With just a few minor adjustments to the master Bedroom Renovation & decor, even a couple on the tightest budget can create a romantic escape for themselves.