Thermally-Insulated Aluminum Doors for 2018

Innovation is the key to success for Panda Windows and Doors. Since the company’s beginning, it has been known for developing some of the most advanced window and door products on the property improvement market. From retail establishments to commercial building developments, residential applications, and everything in between, Panda Windows has been at the forefront of energy-saving window and door solutions.

The Panda Premium Ultra Door

Panda’s Premium Ultra Door, model UL.2380, continues the company’s march toward industry dominance. This unique door system offers precision craftsmanship, unrivaled sophistication, and impressive security all in one stylish package. The Premium Ultra Door has many features and elements, making it stand out as a leader in a crowded marketplace.

What are the Features of the Panda Premium Ultra Door System?

To explore what the Panda Premium Ultra Door System has to offer, it is useful to break the system down into several categories. This feature-rich premium door has a wide range of built-in features along with customer-specified options to fit any building application. In total, the customizable Premium Ultra Door can be had in over 130 different design combinations with unlimited color options. In simple terms, if it can be imagined, Panda Windows can bring those ideas to life.

The Premium Ultra Door is one of the most thermally-insulative aluminum doors on the planet. Panda constructs the doors from durable aluminum framing with advanced insulation and sealing features. Multi-thickness glazing ensures low thermal conductivity, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping temperatures stable. The standard glass is triple-glazed; customers can specify quadruple glazing for even more thermal efficiency.

Basic Configurations: Panda Premium Ultra Door Systems are available in single and double configurations. Each configuration can be specified with sidelights and/or transoms, if desired. Single slab doors can be had up to 45” wide by 118” high.

Sizes: there are four standard door size categories, including Standard, Oversize, Oversize UL.A and Oversize UL.B. Each category can be customized for size to suit specific door applications in residential and commercial buildings.

Security Options: the standard locking system is a 3-point cylinder lock with freewheel function. Oversize UL.A models receive a four-point locking system, while Oversize UL.B have a five-point locking system. For added security and keyless convenience, customers can add a fingerprint scanners. Electronic or traditional peepholes can also be added to the door system. Motorized automatic or key-operated locking systems can be specified by the customer.

Glazing: there are many options when it comes to the glass and its appearance. In fact, there are 28 glazing options in total, including clear, frosted, or textured glass. These glazing options can enhance the appearance of the door system or provide added privacy if desired.

Inside/Outside Handle Options: standard door handles are stainless steel (Inox). Customers may choose from a range of other handle options, including both internal and external choices totaling 25 different options. There are even custom options available for certain door configurations. Some of the handle choices may have integrated keyless entry fingerprint scanners if desired.

Special Features: Panda Doors and Windows can even add integrated low-energy LED lighting to their Premium Ultra Door System. Customers can choose from light intensities ranging from a warm, inviting glow to a more intense security-oriented brightness.

Because Panda’s Premium Ultra Door System has so many options, this innovative and thermally-efficient door can be customized for nearly any application imaginable. The Premium Ultra Door is designed from the ground up to provide style, security, and exceptional performance.