Things You Should Never Forget When Hiring a Contractor for Basement Renovations

Finding the best contractor for basement renovations can become a tricky task if you do not know how to proceed. You will come across so many self-proclaimed specialists who guarantee maximum satisfaction, but you should not fall prey to the tactics they use. Instead, you should always remember the following when making a choice.

  • You should ask multiple contractors for quotes. You can shortlist a few after considering their experience. Once you get their quotes, it is important to compare them to get a better idea of what they are offering and at what cost. Do not base your decision on the cost of the project alone, but do consider it in conjunction with the services they are offering.
  • Ask them about their company’s workmanship warranty. Keep in mind that basement renovations may look simple, but the projects can be quite tricky to handle. You only want to work with a contractor who does not mind offering workmanship warranties, which in most cases are no less than one year. While there is no guarantee that longer warranties are better, you should be getting a warranty that covers workmanship for a decent amount of time.
  • Do not base your decision on warranties alone. If a contractor offers workmanship warranty that seems impressive, it does not mean they are going to deliver maximum satisfaction. To get a better idea about the quality of their work, you should consider asking them for customer referrals and check them for the quality of work delivered. Ask those customers if they received quality work and if the company was responsive when asked for changes. Also, inquire about the quality of customer service they received.
  • You should never forget to have your home renovations contract in writing. It means you should not trust a contractor when they say they will finish your project in a couple of weeks. Instead, ask them to give it in writing; in fact, your contract should be in writing and include clear information about the total cost, time frames, your contractor’s license number, payment arrangements, and project description. It is also a good idea to have the names of all parties involved in the project. Talk to your contractor and decide on how you both are going to handle additional costs, if required. A contractor who does not give you a clear timeline for the completion of your basement renovation project is likely to have many other contracts at the same time. It means they are not sure how long it will take to complete your project alongside others. Do not go for such contractors if you want your basement renovation done professionally.

It would not be wrong to suggest that finding a right contractor for basement renovations is not a simple task. If you make a hasty decision, things could go terribly wrong. Therefore, always keep the abovementioned points in mind to select the best contractor.