Tips for choosing a good blazer for men

The blazer is a garment very much adored by men because of its very trendy appearance. Although available to all, it is however difficult to choose, at least to buy a blazer adapted to his personality. This is due on the one hand to the diversity of cuts and materials, and on the other hand to the great apprehension that requires the choice of such a garment compared to a t-shirt for example. So to succeed in finding the right blazer, here are some tips.

Make the option of the ideal materials and colors for his blazer

The blazer is often confused with the suit, but remember that if the latter is mainly worn in a professional context, this is far from the case of a blazer. Click for more news. Indeed, it is a garment that is an excellent companion in all circumstances, from the office to sporting events, through the terraces of coffee and barbecues with friends. This is thanks to its elegant and casual character. The material is one of the important criteria for the success of the choice of a blazer, it is advisable to opt for a thin garment in breathable technical material or linen for the summer. About the color, the original navy blue will be in force.

Choose the type of blazer suitable for his personality

Blazers generally come in three different silhouettes. The first is the European or Italian silhouette which includes the blazer with light fabric, no shoulder pads, sufficiently unstructured with patch pockets. Then comes the British silhouette which is characterized by the presence of epaulets, the simplicity of the buttoning, as well as its three buttons and slit balls. Finally, you have the American silhouette marked by American shoulders, two buttons and a simple buttoning, flap pockets and a simple slit. It is up to you to choose the type of silhouette that suits you.

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