Tips for Safeguarding a Commercial Premises

If you plan on running a successful business, you must also consider ways to keep your premises secure from unwanted visitors. Having your property broken into can cause all sorts of issues, you won’t just lose valuable stock, if can have a negative impact on your insurance premium and it can also force you to close down for a couple of days while you repair any damages.

Install a CCTV System

You may think that CCTV systems are used for recording crimes, so the police can catch the culprits after the crime has occurred, but they can also be used as a very effective deterrent. They don’t just record what is going on around your premises, they also warn criminals that if they attempt to break into your property or cause damage to the building, their images will be analysed and identified after the event has occurred. There are several competent organisations who can install CCTV cameras in Perth if you have a commercial building situated in the city. Specialist installation teams can offer valuable advice on all the latest tech, they also fit CCTV cameras in the right positions. It is important to consult with a security surveillance expert when mounting cameras to ensure they are fitted in the best possible locations.

Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems are an excellent deterrent, they are great at enhancing the level of security around your premises, making your business extremely difficult to access. The longer it takes a thief to get in, the greater chance security firms and the police have of catching them. In addition, they also transmit signals to security booths and police station if they have been tampered with, the moment someone tries to break in, a message is immediately relayed to the appropriate services. Some security systems also have an intercom attached, so whoever is monitoring your premises can speak to burglars and inform them that the police are on their way. Once they hear these messages, they drop whatever they are doing and make a rapid exit.

Effective Locks

Although it seems obvious that having good locks on your doors prevents unauthorised access, some business owners fail to take this into account and fit fragile, cheap locking systems. It is imperative that your company installs Australian standard locks, these products are rigorously tested to ensure they provide adequate protection against intruders.

Effective Lighting

Security lighting can be used to draw attention to burglars, you can fit security lights which are fitted with motion detectors, meaning if someone moves into a certain area, it will active the lighting system making a thief feel more observed. Most burglaries occur during the night, so security lighting is an effective deterrent.

There are many ways to safeguard your premises and the valuable assets you hold inside, the best way of increasing the level of security on a commercial enterprise is to install a high-tech security system which includes CCTV monitoring features. You should also consider things such as effective security lighting, along with solid, durable locking mechanisms.