Unique Interior Concepts to Transform your home

The current trend with interior design is for individuality and flair, and using a range of innovative materials and techniques enables the homeowner to create just about any look. If we consider the hot Australian climate, the look and feel of stone adds a layer of coolness that seems to envelope the home, which is in perfect harmony with any interior concept. Natural stone is a wonderful material for floors, and with polished granite or marble, there is little that can compare. The swirls and ripples make each piece unique, and this timeless look will outlast everything else, including solid timber.

Modern Plaster

Plaster has long been used in construction, as it provides a clean, smooth finish and can be painted, covered, or simply trowel finished, and with polished plaster, one can replicate Venetian plaster in any interior or exterior setting. We have all seen the pristine walls of Italian architecture, with the swirling turquoise and white patterns that are the hallmark of real stone, well it is now possible to have this replicated in your home, regardless of the existing substrate. If you live in Western Australia, the ideal people to approach would be Polished Plaster in Perth, which is a specialist branch of a well-known painting contractor, who has been servicing Perth for more than 35 years. Using their expertise, they have joined forces with an Australian plaster manufacturer, and this combination allows for unique creations for both interior and exterior walls.

Limitless Options

Perhaps the thing that makes Venetian plaster so unique is that there are no limitations to what you can do. Any colour or shade can be created, and with skilled plasterers who are at the top of their game, you can really get creative. There is a range of plasters, with textures and a range of finishes that include Marmorino, Stucco, and of course, Travertino, and with any combination of colours, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Sourcing the Right Contractor

There are not that many companies that offer modern plaster techniques, and the best way to locate an expert is with a Google search, which should bring up a list of potential contractors. Something to look out for would include a solid 5 year warranty on materials and labour, which only an established company would offer. The tradesmen consider themselves as artists rather than contractors, and each project offers new and exciting challenges, and with the client’s input, the finished product will be truly unique.

Exceptional Durability

Modern plaster simply ticks all the boxes, it is inexpensive, rugged, and extremely elegant, and with unlimited design options, this is the perfect way to transform your living space, and with a few other additions, your home will be the envy of all.

Never before has the Australian homeowner had so many options regarding wall coverings, and Venetian plaster provides the perfect finish that will never be repeated in any other dwelling, as it is a unique creation, and one that will remain in pristine condition for many years.