Use more Wink and Lesser Apps to control your Smart Home

The futuristic concept of a modern smart home is tightly knit with technology and its advancements over the years. A smart home is characteristic of a wide variant of gadgets, devices, and smart appliances. However cool it may seem to have all of those devices in your smart home, it becomes equally difficult to control each of them separately or individually. One of the best on source controller for your smart home automation purposes is the Wink Relay. You can obviously go through the wink relay review to see whether it fits into all your requirements or not and go for it likewise. Quirky was first to launch the Wink Hub post which they have introduced the Wink Relay which basically is a smart touchscreen control panel.

The one-sided touch screen helps you control each of the smart appliances of your house conveniently. The measurement of the LCD screen of this particular Relay is 4.3 inch. You are also allowed to go the traditional way once in a while in case of switching on and off the lights with the manual switch that is there on the other side of the contraption. You will know from this review of Wink Relay that it is flexible enough to fit into any ordinary light switch socket. This amazing home automation controller panel enables both the control as well as the programming of absolutely every smart appliance in the smart house starting from light bulbs to water heater systems. The Wink Relay can very well get linked to all products that are Wink compatible provided you actually have the presence of a Wink Hub in the Smart Home. The interface of the Wink relay almost matches that of the Smartphone Wink App. Thus, for previous users, it becomes even easier to access and control due to the familiarity of the interface.

Who would have thought that once which was initially created with the motive of making a light switch smart has come down to catering varied levels of smart home controls? It more of a conventional home automation that can be operated from the wall mounted touchscreen control panel. The Wink Relay ranks as one of the first of its kind that is best suited for your smart home that big-time device dependent. The intuitive as well as very powerful Wink App powers and gears up the high-tech and elegant looking Wink Relay controller.

The Wink Relay has recently had a few exciting updates to it. One is the Fitbit that helps you to check your daily calorie consumption and the other is the Uber App compatibility. You no longer have to be dependent on the Smartphone in order to book a cab. The Wink Relay controller can be used to do the same and in a much easier way. One of the most futuristic approaches of the Wink Relay is its integrated speaker and mic on board which can help turn your smart home into something even smarter with the intercom system.

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