What Size Skip Do You Need?

Cleaning up around the house or a full home renovation can be an exciting time to revitalise your home and start anew. The cleaning process will allow you to start over with a blank slate. However, one serious problem is the amount of rubbish that is produced. When you are throwing things out, you produce rubbish from the things you discard as well as the supplies you use for cleaning. For a small cleaning project, your normal rubbish bin or dumpster should suffice. However, if you have multiple trash bags or furniture to discard, you’ll need something much bigger. You’ll most likely need a skip.

A skip will give you the opportunity to have your rubbish bin brought to you. You can then fill it up, and the company from which you hired it will take it away when you’re finished. Such a service greatly reduces the amount of work you need to do. Here is how to choose the right size skip.

15-20 Trash Bags

If you are looking to throw out household waste as well as the waste from a small garden, you’ll produce about 15 or 20 trash bags. You’ll also likely have a few garden items or pieces of furniture to throw away. In this scenario, you’ll likely need a three cubic yard domestic skip hire in Doncaster. This size is one of the smallest available types of skips. If you are throwing away mattresses or multiple appliances, you’ll definitely need a larger skip.

30-40 Trash Bags

A small household renovation project, such as remodelling a kitchen, will likely produce 30 to 40 trash bags. If you’re doing that amount of work, you’ll probably need a four cubic yard skip. These skips are one of the most common sizes since they’re very versatile. However, the most common size is probably the six cubic yard skip.

40-50 Trash Bags

The six yard skip usually fits about 40 to 50 trash bags. Such an amount is usually produced by a large renovation project. If you’re looking to renovate more than one room, clean up your garden, and throw out some appliances, you’ll likely need six cubic yards of space. If you’re throwing out a mattress, this size skip will accommodate such a large item. However, you should make sure that the mattress goes in last. You will likely only be able to fit one or two mattresses.

Mattresses should not go on the bottom of a skip. Putting a mattress on the bottom makes the entire contents of the bin less stable.

60-70 Trash Bags

If you’re throwing away a lot of bulky items such as washing machines and dishwashers, you’ll need a skip that is eight cubic yards or more. The most commons sizes in this range are eight cubic yards and ten cubic yards.

70+ Trash Bags

The largest skips are the ones used for entire home renovations. For example, if you’re adding a room to your home or demolishing an outbuilding, you’ll likely produce enough trash to fill one of these twelve or sixteen cubic yard skips.