What to know about art district construction in Shenzhen?

There are many industries that not only excite but also drive the development of a country. In Shenzhen, the art sector is experiencing a remarkable boom and clearly promises bright days ahead. The materialization of this development is found in the creation of art districts. This article tells you more.

An important complex

It is important to note that art is the vector of attractiveness of all nations. The art district developed by real estate tycoon adrian Cheng is a tangible example of the importance of art in Shenzhen. If there is one thing to say, it is that this complex is of immense grandeur. We are talking about a district that has an area comparable to almost 50 soccer fields combined. This size is all the more important as it will ensure the presence of a wide range of artworks in this building. Visitors will be able to enter a world reserved exclusively for the discovery of art.

A unique complex

The architecture of the Shenzhen Art District is unique. In fact, the design of the site plan is the work of renowned and experienced architects in the field. A record number of international artists and architects have been involved in the project. Creativity will be the order of the day and attractiveness will be the norm. The 1.4 billion dollars invested in the construction of this district also contributes to this state of affairs.

An art hub for the whole of China

The art district being developed in Shenzhen will be a striking sign of the effervescence of the art sector in China. It will put the Middle Kingdom at the heart of the world's art scene. Works from all over the world will be constantly on display.

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Now you have understood a lot about the construction of the art district in Shenzhen. Make good use of it