Why your Roof Deserves the Very Best Attention

The roof is the part of the structure that protects, and in order to do this effectively, it requires regular maintenance. This is the one area of home maintenance where you simply cannot cut corners, and there are many unhappy homeowners who thought they could do just that, only to be saddled with a huge reroofing bill. The materials and workmanship must be first class and whenever any repairs are required, you should be thinking long term.

Internal Structure

This is the very heart of your roof and is typically a combination of timber supports called joists and rafters. Some roofs are supported by welded steel, which is far more durable than timber, although wood is perfectly good to use, providing it is treated correctly. If, for any reason, the roof tiles, which are effectively the outer skin of the roof, were dislodged or broken, water would then be able to enter the internal structure, and that could be the start of a big repair job. If, for example, a person is looking for roofing services in Perth, an online search should locate a reputable roofing contractor nearby.

Roof Tiles

Typically made from either slate or a moulded clay with waterproof glaze, and an experienced roofer would be competent working with any form of roof tile, and often has to source rare tiles to restore a roof. Modern solutions involve greater levels of thermal insulation, and in this energy conscious world we live in, it makes sense to save energy whenever possible. The tiles will effectively reduce the surface temperature on the surface of the roof by reflecting most of the heat back out into the atmosphere. One can also add a layer of insulation under the tiles, which will vastly reduce any heat loss in the winter, while keeping the interior cooler in the summer. Remember to use a contractor with a solid reputation in the local community.

Storm Damage

The Western Australian climate is renowned for storms and they can cause serious damage to roofing, with large branches and debris being thrown in the air, it is easy for damage to occur, and you should perform a visual inspection after any extreme weather, as a breach in the roof that goes unnoticed could be very costly in the long run. The main reason for roof repairs is storm damage, and if you have large, overhanging trees, it is wise to have an arborist prune them back to avoid the possibility of roof damage. Guttering must be regularly cleaned out, as this is an essential runaway for excess water, and if it is blocked with leaves and small branches, the water will have no choice but to run down the exterior walls, which is to be avoided at all costs.

If your roof is well constructed and maintained, it should give you many years of good service, and with regular inspections, any problems can quickly be addressed.