Swimming: a sport with zero negative impact on the joints

A widely used terminology, swimming is the action of swimming either underwater or on the surface of the water. It encompasses a wide variety of activities that are performed in water. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of swimming.

A sport without joint damage

Whether it's a simple swim, water aerobics or water yoga, swimming is a sport that anyone can do. Its benefits are multiple. The most interesting is the absence of negative impact on the joints of the practitioner. This is what makes it possible to practice at any age. In fact, swimming strengthens the joints. Moreover, it has been demonstrated through studies that the practice of this sport contributes to the relief of many ailments such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Furthermore, swimming plays an important role in improving the bone health of menopausal women. In addition to improving joint health, water sports also play a role in preventing possible joint pain.

Swimming, a sport that tones the muscles

Swimming does not only have advantages on the joints. It also has benefits for the muscles. The fact that you feel weightless once you are immersed in the water makes it easier for all your muscles to work smoothly. Thus, movements that were once difficult to do on the ground are performed with ease in the water. This is possible because the whole body floats on the surface of the water. Furthermore, an observation has shown that a regular two-month swimming training increases the mass of the triceps. This muscle mass can increase by up to 23.80%. Similarly, swimming promotes muscle tone in the trunk, arms and legs. It should also be noted that this sport improves cardiovascular and respiratory health. In addition, it is of great benefit to mental health. If you haven't started swimming yet, don't hesitate to start.

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